Animal- Assisted Therapy (AAT)

The program we use in CC is Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT).  Human animal Teams, the owner and the animal attend obedience training to suit the needs of the individuals. Those students that work with us are referred to us by psychologists, social workers, counselors or special-ed teachers within each school.

We design the program we use.  The technique we use is designed to improve each individual’s need. These are physical, emotional, asocial and cognitive needs.

Platte Valley – Colorado Youth Correctional Center:  We work with incarcerated children, 11-21 years of age.  Individual sessions with the counselor and human animal team provide time to express feelings and learn how to work appropriately with the dog which then transfers to humans. Sharing different perspectives to life which they haven’t learned through their childhood helps them feel differently about their life. And hopefully helps them change their outlook (toward their life’s goals), changing their lives to be more positive in feelings and understanding.