Caring Canines

The bond between humans and animals is enjoyed by all ages and in all situations because it is unconditional and can help those with social, emotional, cognitive, and physical needs. It is also available through the therapeutic use of trained companion animals. With this (in -mind), Caring Canines was established in 2017 as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. It is through the passion of our volunteers and their canines that we can improve the lives of “those in need” with whom we work. It is our dogs that enable us to work with a variety of populations. Our dogs help them have self-confidence, a respect for people and animals, and a desire to live a more positive and useful life.

Caring Canines has begun its existence with helping children in public schools and incarcerated youth at a Youth Correctional Center. Our goal is to “help people”, to improve their lives, thoughts and doings in a more positive manner.

Caring Canine dogs enable “those in need” to trust, to relax and express their feelings, and learn appropriate behavior working with animals which then transfers to humans.