Alphie is a two year old, heeler/terrier mix. He was originally picked up as a stray in Texas. I adopted him in January 2020, right before the pandemic. Alphie is a bundle of love in a fun sized package! He is incredibly smart and loves to learn new commands. Despite his unfortunate start to life, he is very loving towards all people. His sweet face and personality will warm your heart instantly. His favorite kinds of people are the little ones at the elementary school where he works.


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Bootsy is a lovable Goldendoodle from Iowa and gets her name from her two white 'boots' on her front paws. Born on a farm, Bootsy has come a long way to be the adventurous mountain dog she is today! Bootsy loves visiting with students in her new role as a therapy dog. She will sit on your feet, so you can't resist petting her. Bootsy resides in Loveland with her little sister Bernedoodle, Mika, and two loving paw-rents. One of Booty's recent achievements is learning how to roll over! She is a friend to all she meets, especially those with treats!
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Kiki is an English Cocker Spaniel born on 11/15/2016. She is a happy, sweet, and goofy girl who loves her family, friends, and all kids. She has been working with students at an elementary school since 2018. She takes classes for nosework, and her favorite game is using her nose to hunt for hidden treats. Her favorite treats are baby carrots and small pieces of bananas.


Murphy is a gentle Husky/Greyhound mix born in August 2020. She loves running very fast and it's even better when other dogs are chasing her! Murphy loves meeting new dogs and people and works at a juvenile detention center. She also loves her two cat siblings even if they don't want to play with her all the time. Her absolute favorite thing in the world is snow! Murphy loves running around in it, eating it, and laying on her back in it.


Presto is a Standard Poodle born on 12/28/13, with a sweet disposition. His hobbies include riding in the car, rolling in the grass, and chasing tennis balls. His favorite word is bunny. His favorite games are any that involve dog treats. As a Caring Canine, he volunteers spending quality time with children with developmental disabilities. It was a mutually beneficial experience. Presto often asks “Woof, Woof?” [Translation: “When can I go back to see my little human friends?”]


My name is Annie, AKA “Annabelle,” especially if I am in trouble, I was born on 10/28/2020, and I’m a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. I love watermelon and ice cubes. I love people, and if they have a ball to throw that’s even better. I also love to swim…so a new person with a ball to throw in a lake will be my new best friend. My humans think I am very smart, so they have to teach me new things all the time so I don’t get bored.

Cassie Lee

Hi, I’m Cassie Lee. My birthday is January 9, 2016. Everyone says I’m the cutest and sweetest Cavalier King Charles Spaniel they have ever met. I really don’t have a favorite food because I LOVE EVERYTHING!!!! If I have to pick a favorite, it’s Starbuck’s Puppachino. I really love to snuggle with my people and give and receive love to the students that I work with.

Dorothy Rae

Hello. My name is DorothyRae. I’m a 6 year old Yorker-poo. I am a LOVER. You don’t have to love me back but I bet you can’t do that forever. My mom will tell you that I am stubborn. All I have to say is that I always think through my options. What’s the benefit to me to “down”, “stay” or my favorite, “leave it”? You understand, right? I do like to see people get excited about me doing these things. However, sometimes I just don’t want to. I can hardly wait to meet you, add you to my roster of adoring fans and show you that I can sit, down, over, under and most of all LOVE on you.


Chloe is a German Shepherd born on 4/17/17 and is a very loved member of her family. She is a sweet, gentle girl who loves going to the dog park. She really enjoys running with and herding the other dogs while there and in that environment could care less about balls, frisbees, or fetching. Chloe works with foster children and at a juvenile detention center. At home she loves chasing tennis balls and is learning to return and drop them. She also takes classes for scent work.


Zeb is a black male German Shepherd who is about 3 years old. He was rescued in 2019 and quickly found his way into the hearts of Burke family. Zeb is very smart, responsive and eager to work. He has never met a person or a dog he doesn’t want to be best friends with. He loves playing with his siblings, going on walks, hiking, and camping. Most of all he loves working with his kids in schools.


Ansel was born on June 18, 2015. He came to us through Animal Friends Alliance. Ansel loves working at the juvenile detention center! He is a smart, energetic, social and loving boy. When he’s not working he’s known to get into mischief, such as jumping on the counter to see what food he can scavenge and opening the back door to go find people he can hear nearby!


Cody is a male Border Collie/Australian Shepherd born on July 26, 2016, loved and rescued by Jeff and Jacky Deaner from the Humane Society who had picked him up as a stray when he was a year old. He had no house manners, and suffered from separation anxiety. With love, attention, and guidance he thrived and is always ready to go on adventures! He loves people, giving kisses, sitting on your feet, belly rubs, playing fetch, and working in schools. His favorite treats are carrots, broccoli, and apples.


Ruby is a fun-loving yellow lab that LOVES people, especially kids. She loves playing fetch with a tennis ball more than anything in the world…well, except maybe treats. Ruby was adopted by our family as a tiny Christmas pup almost 7 years ago. She was so full of energy her first few years, we thought she’d never find her way to a therapy dog program. But now, she’s mellowed out, loves to work and loves to come be a helper dog!


Hi there! My name is Finn and I'm a Miniature Poodle (but I really think I'm a BIG Poodle). My birthday is May 21, 2018, and my folks say I'm the sweetest, smartest boy on the planet! I love meeting new people, walks in the woods, playing games, chasing pesky squirrels from my yard, and snoozing on the couch. My most favorite thing of all (well, besides playing ball and fetching our newspaper every morning) is just hanging out with my family. I bet I'd like hanging out with you, too!
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Hazel is an exuberant Golden Retriever born on 1/27/17 in Hawaii. She loves to meet new people and is very lively when she does, but calms down quickly and appreciates it if the person pets her. Hazel works in schools and with foster children. She likes anything that falls on the floor unless it is a vegetable or other healthy food. She loves to play fetch. Hazel has a birthmark on her tongue which she is proud to show off. She has many friends in the neighborhood and is always on the lookout for new ones.


Howdy! My name is Lexi and I was born and raised in Texas, so I’m new to Colorado (you probably already guessed because of my accent). My folks found me begging for Slim Jims one morning in 2015 when I was a year old. I ditched the Slim Jim’s but decided to keep the family. I spent most of my life chasing tennis balls into duck ponds back home in Texas and I love going for walks, playing with my sister Lucy and teasing the cats. My dislikes are horses and being faked out during fetch. I’m always full of excitement to make new friends at the juvenile detention center where I work.


Hi, I am Niko. I am a Cavapoo (King Charles Spaniel/poodle) I was born in 2020; yes a COVID puppy. My favorite things to do are play fetch, go swimming. and catch stuffies with my paws. I love hanging with my doggie sister, cousins, and new friends at the dog park. The best thing besides playing, is cuddling up with people. I am just starting out and have been visiting a memory care unit to see my grandma. I am also a great listener when my human sister practices her reading fluency. I love all people and especially my school people!


Bodhi is a 7 yr old lab mix who was rescued at 6 months. His big brown eyes and sweet demeanor make him very approachable, and he is as gentle as he looks. Bodhi is a very smart, social, and empathetic boy, wants to please, and loves to learn. He is very adaptable; at calm moments he is a cuddle-bug, when it is time to work, he is focused and ready to go! He loves walks, peanut butter, and being scratched behind his ears. Bodhi loves kids and likes making a positive impact at the elementary school where he works.


Copper is a rescued Heeler-mix who loves hiking, paddle boarding, and playing fetch. He will do anything for a treat and learned a dozen commands by the time he was three months old! Copper loves his kitty sister, Hazel, and wants to be best friends with every dog he meets. He doesn't like cows, bathtime or sharing his favorite unicorn toy but he knows sometimes that's just how life goes. You can check out his latest adventures on Instagram @copperthecoloradodog.


Kate is a very energetic Golden Retriever born on 5/17/17. She loves making people happy and works with foster children, adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and high school students. Her favorite game is “find it” and she competes in scent work and barn hunt events. Kate loves making new friends, getting tummy and ear rubs, playing in the snow, catching toys and treats in mid-air, playing volleyball, and running, running and more running.


Jack, a male Golden Retriever was born 5/5/16 and lives in the Turner home with his sister, Piper also a Golden Retriever. As a puppy he quickly demonstrated a passion for retrieving just about anything he could pick up. He loves playing “Find It” and can find toys, socks and special odors hidden inside and outside. He also competes in Rally and Tracking activities. Jack works at a school and with foster children. He loves giving kisses, getting belly rubs, and giving high fives. At home, he loves a game of tug or catching a ball. He enthusiastically greets everyone and has learned to “settle” or lay down as a polite greeting.


Turbo is a Mini Schnauzer born in 2012 and is a very well-loved member of his family. His main goal in life is to please. He is incredibly smart and knows over 30 commands. Turbo loves to run with his owner while mountain biking and cross country skiing. He is at his best when doing therapy work at high schools. Turbo is currently training a new puppy, Tiggy, and showing great patience.


Mirabelle is an enthusiastic, two year old black and white bernedoodle who loves attention. Her favorite time of day is when we spend time together to learn new tricks or to practice her favorite ones. She is very happy to meet new people and just wants show everyone how well she listens. Kisses, wiggles and snuggles are her specialty. She enjoys pretty things, like new collars and leashes, and anything that looks like a treat. She looks forward to being a working, loving therapy dog for people of all ages.


Poet is a Standard Schnauzer born October 27, 2019. She brings joy and laughter to the Bassinger-Dupuis household. Although the 7th and smallest of her litter, she believes she is a big dog and brings enthusiasm and energy to everything she does. She loves to swim, chase squirrels, run zoomies, learn new tricks and meet people, but she especially loves working with her elementary school students.


Hello! My name is Konza and I am eight different breeds. I was rescued from the deserts of New Mexico and am a parvo survivor. My favorite hobbies include playing in the snow, playing fetch, taking naps, meeting new people, sunbathing, and snuggling with my parents. I am very intuitive and empathetic with dogs and people; it is my superpower. I love helping my elementary school kids, but really I love helping all people!
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Hi, I’m Puppy! I’m a Border Collie Blue Heeler mix. I was born in 2014 and adopted in 2017. I love having ear scratches, chicken, food dispensing toys, walks and learning new commands. I’m a titled herding dog and a universal blood donor. I love visiting the students at my school, but most of all I’m the sweetest puppy around!

In Memoriam


Joie de Vivre, or Joy as she was called, was born on April 28, 2005. She was that once in a lifetime dog; gentle, sweet and very loving to everyone she met. Being a therapy dog came naturally to her and she began working in October 2006. She worked at a hospital, nursing home, memory care, rehab, hospice care, adult day care, suicide prevention, and with foster children. She shared her love freely with everyone and instinctively knew what they needed. People loved to pet her because her fur was so silky and soft. Joy was a very happy dog and always had a smile on her face. She was actively working until a few days before she died peacefully on June 25, 2018. She will always be in the hearts of her family and friends.


September 9, 2022.     Last night, we said goodbye to our FAVORITE DOG. Oscar was my first dog ever. I had wished for a dog my whole life and I got the sweetest one imaginable. He started as our family dog and then I realized that he needed to be shared with others. He was certified to do Animal Assisted Therapy in 2014 and just retired this summer. He has brought peace and joy to so many - he has worked in 5 elementary schools, 2 high schools, 1 juvenile correction facility, hospice care, dementia care, assisted living care, suicide prevention, suicide grief, adaptive prom, foster kid camp, acupuncture training with CSU Vet students, destress at CSU, and other odd jobs. He's had a FULL life. I loved him 'more than the peanut butter'. Time to rest. Hess Ness Woof.


Lilly was a Newfoundland dog born in 2013. She lived up to the reputation of her breed as a true gentle giant. She loved people everywhere she went, and everyone she met loved her! She enjoyed boating, camping, and swimming with her family. She also loved having the chance to work as a therapy dog and meet kids at the schools. She passed away at home in 2023 after complications from a veterinary procedure. Her people miss her very much. ❤️


Of the eight Golden Retrievers I worked with over 45 years in Animal Assisted Therapy, Shilo (who died at age 9 in 2021) was my special canine. Working with people from age three to 93 in schools, nursing homes, cancer centers, hospitals and, especially, Platte Valley Youth Correctional Facility, he helped instill feelings of pride in people who had rarely felt it and a sense of accomplishment in everyone he worked with. After my husband passed away, Shilo never left my side. He was a kind, loving, gentle dog who I, and hundreds of others, miss and will never forget.


Ollie was a sweet and very lovable Golden Retriever born on 8/22/08. He lived over 14 years. He was the noisiest, squirmiest, most vocal puppy in the litter. He loved to chase balls and play keep away. His favorite foods were chips and popcorn, never lettuce. Ollie ran to the door when he saw his therapy dog bag because he knew he was “going to work.” He worked in high schools and with foster children. He really enjoyed bringing love and smiles to everyone he met.


Stella was born in the Spring of 2012. Her mom was traveling 100% for work and needed a road companion so she bought Stella in 2012 from an Ohio Dog Warden for $75. Stella was chosen because she was playful but gentle, young, pretty, personable, potty-trained, would require minimal grooming, and was the only dog in the facility that wasn't barking. Obedience training and long hikes in the woods kept the pair busy for several years and eventually they graduated to advanced canine good citizen status and passed therapy dog exams in Massachusetts, Michigan and Colorado. Stella had a special understanding of children and worked at a juvenile detention center. She peacefully went to sleep on Valentine’s Day, 2022 to end her suffering from a cardiac hemangiosarcoma. ❤


Oolah was a black lab born on April 16, 2008. She worked as a therapy dog at a middle school and youth correctional facility from September 2011 until spring of 2020 when COVID shut down everything. Oolah loved the outdoors and people. She really loved going to the beach and searching for things in the sand. She passed away peacefully on November 22, 2021.


2/28/2011 to 5/5/2021.
Toby became a therapy dog 2016, and volunteered in several schools in Loveland, Fort Collins, & Windsor before starting at Platte Valley Youth Services Center in Greeley where he worked for years with incarcerated youth. Toby was such an amazing animal and easily made the transition from Animal Assisted Therapy to being my mobility service dog; not many dogs can do that.