Adelaide, or Addy, is a Border Collie mix, born on a farm, forced to live in the city and wear a leash! Addy is 5 years old. She loves to cuddle and be with people. She also loves to camp, hike, paddleboard, and play with other dogs. Addy will always give you a hug if you’re feeling down! Addy will do or learn any trick for a piece of bacon. Squirrels are her most favorite animal to chase, and she thinks one day she will actually catch one – don’t tell her she’s not fast enough!


I’m an English Springer Spaniel. I am a “sporting breed”, but because my family doesn’t hunt birds, I flush out balls instead! I absolutely love balls. My mom thinks I am a little obsessed, but whatever. I also love people of all sizes. Those little humans especially make my tail wag. I am pretty sweet, and have a lot of energy, so I keep my mom fit and young. My mom is pretty proud that I have done well with all the new commands like sit, down, stay, wait, and hi-five! I am excited to make new friends, and I might even let you throw the ball for me!


Hi pals! My name is Boone! I am a miniature goldendoodle and LOVE making new friends - humans and fur friends! My favorite games are fetch when I’m outside and hide and seek when I’m inside! I love taking field trips to Scheels, mostly because I know that I will get some treats from the workers. I am a fast learner and enjoy learning new commands and skills to show off. I am so excited to start my new job as a therapy dog and can’t wait to meet you! I know we will have so much fun!

Cassie Lee

Hi, I’m Cassie Lee. My birthday is January 9, 2016. Everyone says I’m the cutest and sweetest Cavalier King Charles Spaniel they have ever met. I really don’t have a favorite food because I LOVE EVERYTHING!!!! If I have to pick a favorite, it’s Starbuck’s Puppachino. I really love to snuggle with my people and give and receive love to the students that I work with.


Cody is a male Border Collie/Australian Shepherd born on July 26, 2016, loved and rescued by Jeff and Jacky Deaner from the Humane Society who had picked him up as a stray when he was a year old. He had no house manners, and suffered from separation anxiety. With love, attention, and guidance he thrived and is always ready to go on adventures! He loves people, giving kisses, sitting on your feet, belly rubs, playing fetch, and working in schools. His favorite treats are carrots, broccoli, and apples.


Hello! I’m Eva, aka Tiny Mountain Dog! I’m a shih tzu/ chihuahua/ dachshund/ pomeranian/ miniature schnauzer mix. I was rescued as a puppy from Bounce Animal Rescue and have lived in Northern Colorado ever since! I like to go hiking, camping, and paddleboarding but I also love spending the day snuggled up on the couch. I love making new friends and bonding with humans of all ages! I’m very affectionate and love to be around people. I can barely wait to meet you so I can show off all the new commands I learned at therapy dog school!!


Hi, I’m Ginger. I’m an Irish setter and Poodle mix. My mom got me as a puppy hoping I could be a therapy dog. It’s taken me almost eight years to calm down enough that I can make new friends without jumping up on them. I still get excited to meet new friends but now I’ve learned some manners and self control. I can follow commands. Also, I have really soft fur. I love to hang out and let my friends pet me, especially on my back, behind my ears, and on my tummy.


Heidi is a two year old 50 pound German Shepherd, adopted from a shelter in 2022 after waiting three months for a home of her own. Heidi loves playing gently with my cat and 15 pound poodle mix, Pippen. Heidi enjoys having Pippin lick her face and clean her ears. She also enjoys taking daily walks in town and riding in the car with her head hanging out the window. When she hears a siren, Heidi howls like a wolf.


Hello! My name is Konza and I am eight different breeds. I was rescued from the deserts of New Mexico and am a parvo survivor. My favorite hobbies include playing in the snow, playing fetch, taking naps, meeting new people, sunbathing, and snuggling with my parents. I am very intuitive and empathetic with dogs and people; it is my superpower. I love helping my elementary school kids, but really I love helping all people!


Hello. My name is Lloyd and I am a 7 year old Labrador Retriever. I was born in Virginia and live my best life out on the farm in Fort Collins. My main job is playing with the alpacas, sniffing the horses and chasing the chickens around. I love working with children, showing off my biscuit catching nose skills and visiting those that just need a hug (did I mention I love hugs)!


Mirabelle is an enthusiastic, two year old black and white bernedoodle who loves attention. Her favorite time of day is when we spend time together to learn new tricks or to practice her favorite ones. She is very happy to meet new people and just wants show everyone how well she listens. Kisses, wiggles and snuggles are her specialty. She enjoys pretty things, like new collars and leashes, and anything that looks like a treat. She looks forward to being a working, loving therapy dog for people of all ages.


Hi, I’m Mysti. I’m a Goldendoodle—half Golden Retriever and half Poodle. People always say I’m a very sweet dog. I was born in Wisconsin, and was raised with 5 children, so I’ve always loved kids. I used to live in California, where I was a therapy dog: kids read to me at the library, I went to school book fairs, I helped kids not be stressed before college finals, and I wandered the local hospital pediatric ward, jumping into bed with any kids that wanted to cuddle—my favorite! I can’t wait to cuddle with you!


Presto is a Standard Poodle born on 12/28/13, with a sweet disposition. His hobbies include riding in the car, rolling in the grass, and chasing tennis balls. His favorite word is bunny. His favorite games are any that involve dog treats. As a Caring Canine, he volunteers spending quality time with children with developmental disabilities. It was a mutually beneficial experience. Presto often asks “Woof, Woof?” [Translation: “When can I go back to see my little human friends?”]


Hi friends, my name is Rigby. I was adopted in February 2020 from a family that needed to relocate. They adopted me from Big Bone Dog Rescue. Before I came to live with Lisa and Coco (my sister who is a puggle), I was an outside only dog. I continue to love the outside, but I find the couch and all mom's chairs very comfortable. I’m a kind and gentle dog with a heart of gold. I love long walks and the occasional swim. I play well with family dogs but I prefer to stay away from dogs I don’t know. I love my toys and often have them in my mouth. I’m not a big fan of squirrels or rabbits and I bark when a horse is on the TV. I love all people and look forward to working and learning.


Sandy is a Parti (multi-colored) Standard Poodle. His official color is red and white, but the “red” looks like the color of sand which is how he got his name. He likes trail walks, squirrel watching, playing fetch, tug-of-war and racing around his large yard. Running at high speed he jumps over bushes and large rocks when he gets the “zoomies”. He will welcome you with kisses if you’re open to it and snuggle up with the softness of cashmere. He is 65 pounds of enthusiasm, kindness and love.


Hi, I am Stella. Folks say I look like a little teddy bear, but I am actually a mini Goldendoodle. To say I am a people person is an understatement. My parents keep an eye on me as I want to run and meet new friends no matter who, where, or when. Making friends with new dogs – bring them on. Putting my working cap (scarf) on for skills is a big fav. I can hardly wait for new friends and places!


Hello everyone! My name is Tucker and I am a 2 year old Cockalier; that is an American Cocker Spaniel and King Charles Cavalier mix…I’m all Spaniel. I was born in Wichita Kansas where my Doggie Mommy and Daddy still live. I am very busy at home with my puppy sister and kitty brother & sister. I LOVE everyone. I can hardly sit still because I am so excited to meet people and get a belly rub. I try very hard to listen to my Mom but sometimes I just get distracted. I will wiggle my way into your heart and give lots of kisses; just try to not fall in love with me!


Winston is a three year old rescue with enough energy and love to power a small city. His perfect day would be a morning walk and game of fetch, followed by a day swimming at the lake. He is learning to love being out with his parents on the kayak or paddle board. Winston has never met a stranger, human or dog, and leaves a trail of smiles wherever he goes. Winston can’t wait to “go to work” serving this wonderful community.


Alphie is a two year old, heeler/terrier mix. He was originally picked up as a stray in Texas. I adopted him in January 2020, right before the pandemic. Alphie is a bundle of love in a fun sized package! He is incredibly smart and loves to learn new commands. Despite his unfortunate start to life, he is very loving towards all people. His sweet face and personality will warm your heart instantly. His favorite kinds of people are the little ones at the elementary school where he works.


Hi, I’m Biscuit! My mom and dad rescued me in North Carolina when I was a pup. I love our home in Colorado because we hike, camp, and jump in the car for adventures. I love following my nose to find stuff (but sometimes mom won’t let me have it). My favorite game is running way faster than all the other dogs at the park! No one ever catches me. I also LOVE to nap and snuggle with my cat bro and sis.


Bootsy is a lovable Goldendoodle from Iowa and gets her name from her two white 'boots' on her front paws. Born on a farm, Bootsy has come a long way to be the adventurous mountain dog she is today! Bootsy loves visiting with students in her new role as a therapy dog. She will sit on your feet, so you can't resist petting her. Bootsy resides in Loveland with her little sister Bernedoodle, Mika, and two loving paw-rents. One of Booty's recent achievements is learning how to roll over! She is a friend to all she meets, especially those with treats!


I'm Charlie, a Golden Retriever, born in April 2020. My family adopted me from a rescue. I had bad knees, needing several surgeries before I was 3. I spent a lot of time at home recovering. I have traveled to both coasts in a truck camper with my family. I love to take walks, romp in the snow, splash in creeks and run. I use my paws a lot: I can shake, hi-5, and wave. I get excited when I meet people, but soon I calm down and am quite "chill". I am looking forward to my play date with you!


Copper is a rescued Heeler-mix who loves hiking, paddle boarding, and playing fetch. He will do anything for a treat and learned a dozen commands by the time he was three months old! Copper loves his kitty sister, Hazel, and wants to be best friends with every dog he meets. He doesn't like cows, bathtime or sharing his favorite unicorn toy but he knows sometimes that's just how life goes. You can check out his latest adventures on Instagram @copperthecoloradodog.


Hi there! My name is Finn and I'm a Miniature Poodle (but I really think I'm a BIG Poodle). My birthday is May 21, 2018, and my folks say I'm the sweetest, smartest boy on the planet! I love meeting new people, walks in the woods, playing games, chasing pesky squirrels from my yard, and snoozing on the couch. My most favorite thing of all (well, besides playing ball and fetching our newspaper every morning) is just hanging out with my family. I bet I'd like hanging out with you, too!


Gracie is a four year old, English Cream Golden Retriever. She lives with her family in Fort Collins. Gracie loves to go for walks every morning and also enjoys paddle boarding and anything involving snow. She likes to play but is happy to snuggle too. More than anything, she loves her job as a therapy dog and can’t wait to meet you.


Jack, a male Golden Retriever was born 5/5/16 and lives in the Turner home with his sister, Piper also a Golden Retriever. As a puppy he quickly demonstrated a passion for retrieving just about anything he could pick up. He loves playing “Find It” and can find toys, socks and special odors hidden inside and outside. He also competes in Rally and Tracking activities. Jack works at a school and with foster children. He loves giving kisses, getting belly rubs, and giving high fives. At home, he loves a game of tug or catching a ball. He enthusiastically greets everyone and has learned to “settle” or lay down as a polite greeting.


Howdy! My name is Lexi and I was born and raised in Texas, so I’m new to Colorado (you probably already guessed because of my accent). My folks found me begging for Slim Jims one morning in 2015 when I was a year old. I ditched the Slim Jim’s but decided to keep the family. I spent most of my life chasing tennis balls into duck ponds back home in Texas and I love going for walks, playing with my sister Lucy and teasing the cats. My dislikes are horses and being faked out during fetch. I’m always full of excitement to make new friends at the juvenile detention center where I work.

Luna Rose

Hi! My name is Luna Rose! I’m a German Shepherd Dog born on December 26,2021. I’m very excited to become a therapy dog! Food is not my favorite thing, but if you have a ball or a stick - true love! I also love walks and swimming to fetch sticks! Nose work is my other love.


Woof! Hey there, I'm MooMoo, the spunky 4-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a heart full of enthusiasm! I thrive on play, especially when it involves my all-time favorite - the ball. Fetch? Count me in! I'm also a snuggle aficionado, and cuddles are the best rewards after a day of activity. I take my training seriously. I love getting things right the first time around, and being a true people pleaser. I'm a fantastic listener; just watch me tilt my head when I'm trying to understand your commands – it's undeniably cute, if I do say so myself. I can't wait to meet you and make some pawsitive memories together!


Hi, I am Niko. I am a Cavapoo (King Charles Spaniel/poodle) I was born in 2020; yes a COVID puppy. My favorite things to do are play fetch, go swimming. and catch stuffies with my paws. I love hanging with my doggie sister, cousins, and new friends at the dog park. The best thing besides playing, is cuddling up with people. I am just starting out and have been visiting a memory care unit to see my grandma. I am also a great listener when my human sister practices her reading fluency. I love all people and especially my school people!


Hi, I’m Remy. I was rescued from a place in Utah by the National Brittany Rescue & Adoption Network. When my family first adopted me, they didn’t realize how much energy I would have. Brittanies are famous for their high energy but I think I set a new record. Now that I’m a little older I listen better and enjoy my nap time. I’m the perfect size for playing with kids! I get so excited when kids and new people come around, and after I give you licks and sniffs, I love to cuddle up, get a belly rub and hang out. I can’t wait to make new friends and work in the schools this year!


Hello NOCO! My name is Rocky, and my mom says I'm a very good boy! I am here for a tail waggin' good time and to make you smile! I just love playing, being goofy, and loving on people. I can get a bit too excited at times and my butt gets pretty wiggly, but I just love people and I can't hide it! I can't wait to meet you and become friends!


Scout is a playful golden retriever and his birthday is October 2, 2020. He thinks every child and every dog is his best friend! Scout loves to hike and swim in lakes and he is so much fun to watch as he bounds through the tall grasses and jumps over rocks and streams, especially when he is adventuring with his best friend, Noodle. He is a high jumper and a speedy runner! Scout also loves to learn new commands especially if treats are involved.


Hi, my name is Theo. I love living in Ft. Collins because I have a neighborhood pack I get to play with everyday. Of the six of us, four are doodles - yay! since I'm a labradoodle. My favorite hobby is catching the frisbee. I can leap 4 feet off the ground to catch it - that is, if my mom makes a good throw. Actually, anything someone throws, I'll go fetch. So I can hardly wait to play with any new human friends I'll be meeting soon at schools. My second favorite hobby is sleeping in during the mornings because I love to snuggle and wake up slowly. If you start to pet me, I'll lean in or snuggle in and ask for more pets. I have been called a "pet hog dog", which I take as a compliment.


Uke (oooo-key) is an English Cocker Spaniel born in 2019 and she is happiest being the boss of the cats in her home. If she could wear a queen’s crown, she would. She is go-go-go times a million; loves learning tricks, finding hidden treats using her nose, and is super smart. Uke will do almost anything for food. She is very vocal, always finding a way to tell me how she feels. She loves meeting people and her wiggle butt will show you how happy she is to see you!


Zeb is a black male German Shepherd who is about 3 years old. He was rescued in 2019 and quickly found his way into the hearts of Burke family. Zeb is very smart, responsive and eager to work. He has never met a person or a dog he doesn’t want to be best friends with. He loves playing with his siblings, going on walks, hiking, and camping. Most of all he loves working with his kids in schools.


My name is Annie, AKA “Annabelle,” especially if I am in trouble, I was born on 10/28/2020, and I’m a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. I love watermelon and ice cubes. I love people, and if they have a ball to throw that’s even better. I also love to swim…so a new person with a ball to throw in a lake will be my new best friend. My humans think I am very smart, so they have to teach me new things all the time so I don’t get bored.


Bo is a smart, confident, lovable, cheeky Australian Labradoodle. He is funny, energetic and always ready for fun. Bo loves going for walks and hikes, playing with other dogs, and riding in the car. Bo is happy so long as he's with his family and part of the action. Bo is laser-focused and eager to please when he's working, but when he's off-duty, there's an air of mischievousness about him, but he’s so lovable, you can’t stay mad at him.His fur is super soft and petting him is always relaxing!


Brody was rescued in Oklahoma and transported to CO by Western Australian Shepherd Rescue. We had picked him out on their website and brought him home May 2014. He was estimated to be about 3 years old and appears to be a full Aussie. He has been an exceptionally loving, smart dog, very devoted to his people. He loves camping, short hikes, helping out in our garden, exploring our 2 acre property, sleeping on his bed. Meal time and treat time are his favorite. He loves his basket of toys and takes them in/out of the house constantly. He's great with little kids, teens and adults. He's excited to be one of the Tales2Tails reading dogs.


Chloe is a German Shepherd born on 4/17/17 and is a very loved member of her family. She is a sweet, gentle girl who loves going to the dog park. She really enjoys running with and herding the other dogs while there and in that environment could care less about balls, frisbees, or fetching. Chloe works with foster children and at a juvenile detention center. At home she loves chasing tennis balls and is learning to return and drop them. She also takes classes for scent work.


My name is Debo, I'm about 7yr old, and I came to Fort Collins from an overcrowded shelter in New Mexico. You can see from my picture that I'm a Doberman mix, but don't worry, I'm a friendly boy who loves everyone, especially kids. My parents planned to foster me until I found a new family, but I guess they fell in love with my gentle personality and decided to keep me. I've been learning lots of new commands lately, like “shake’” and “heel”. My best trick is making my neck disappear as I slowly sink into the couch cushions or my dog bed while napping.


Hello, my name is Frankie! People tell me I'm the sweetest girl that ever was. I was found cold, hungry and pregnant in Denver in 2018, and was lucky enough to be rescued by Animal Friends Alliance in Fort Collins. I brought one healthy puppy to term while in foster care, and after he was adopted, my humans were lucky enough to take me home with them. When I'm really excited I howl and run zoomies, but most of the time I am an extra lazy couch potato. My favorite activity is snuggling, and I take it very seriously. The louder I snore, the happier I am.


Gussy's face and heart says it all...She was meant to spread cheer and love. Gussy is part of a large family with kids, and she enjoys being with people in any capacity! Whether it's card games or hiking, you will find her in the middle of all the action. Her best qualities are her love of people, her willingness to be pet and talked to, and her relaxed demeanor. She has lots of personality and is sure to bring joy to anyone's day!


Kate is a very energetic Golden Retriever born on 5/17/17. She loves making people happy and works with foster children, adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and high school students. Her favorite game is “find it” and she competes in scent work and barn hunt events. Kate loves making new friends, getting tummy and ear rubs, playing in the snow, catching toys and treats in mid-air, playing volleyball, and running, running and more running.

Lily Bean

My name is Lily Bean. I am a Dachshund mix. I was once lost but then found by my soulmate, Audrey in Myrtle Beach. She brought me to Ft. Collins to live with her and her family. I’m about 7 years old but didn’t know my actual birthday so I was given February 10th in memory of Audrey’s grandmother who I visited often. I love lazy mornings, walks, car rides, shopping at Lowe’s, and rotisserie chicken. I also love treeing squirrels, Sparkey and especially Audrey. I had fun training to be a therapy dog and can’t wait to work with my new people.


Marley is a 5 year old mixed breed dog. He was found in Texas hanging around a schoolyard playing with the children and was identified as a stray. We were lucky to get him from Big Bones Canine Rescue in Colorado. He is a friendly and happy dog and likes to meet new people. He especially pays attention to children and likes it when they pet him. If you sit on the floor he may try to sit in your lap! He enjoys the snow and loves to dig and roll in it.


Hello. My name is Morgan and I am a very happy, easy going Golden Retriever. I came to live with my forever family when I was only nine weeks old. I have always been a good doggie, even when I was just a little puppy. We travel to new places a lot and I get excited at the chance to meet new friends and make them smile. Everyone especially likes it when I get to carry my leash and walk myself. I can't wait to show you my commands and have you pet me. I love this life!


Pippa is a very sweet 26 lb. mini Goldendoodle. She is a kind, cautious girl that prioritizes safety and limits danger. She loves her puppy friends, but human friends are her favorite. Her understanding of language is astounding and her excitement when she hears, "let's go to school" or "you have a friend coming over" is quite contagious and endearing. She loves going for walks, having puppy play dates, playing rough with her dad, and snuggling with her mom.


Reya is a Belgian Malinois/Husky mix that loves people, play time, and making everyone in her presence happy. She is a very goofy girl who is both loyal and caring. Reya is an avid swimmer, hiker and when it snows she cannot even handle the excitement. She is equal parts dependent and independent; she loves to do her own thing but people and other dogs are her favorite part of life.


Rogue is a golden doodle who loves to chase balls. He will chase balls until he can't move anymore. Balls aren't the only things he likes to chase. In the winter he has lots of fun with the snow blower. I think winter might be his favorite season. He'll run out in the snow and bury his head or try and eat the snow that is falling. One thing Rogue doesn't like is riding in the car. He will, with encouragement, get in the car if he knows he is going to work with kids. With his kid friends, he is gentle and patient. He will do his best to follow their commands. He likes to learn new things and eat treats. He's a pretty big boy weighing 82 lbs. Rogue's a big dog with a big heart!


Hi! I’m Sitka, and I’m a goofy, energetic, male yellow Labrador Retriever born on 10/18/17. My perfect day starts chasing a Chuckit ball for as long as my parents will throw it! I also enjoy hiking, swimming, backcountry skiing, cuddling, belly rubs, and naps in the sun or by a fire. Some days I relax on dog-friendly patios with my parents, and I love when new people come to say hi to me. Kids are my favorite and I love doing fun activities in schools with them!


Tonto is a black mouth cur who was found as a stray in Oklahoma, and spent time in a big awful dog shelter before he was flown to Colorado when adopted by his family. He is friendly and loving to everyone he meets, and always seems happy! He loves other dogs, and one of his favorite places is the dog park. Tonto loves toys of any kind but finds balls to be boring! Tonto was the name of a character in a movie called The Lone Ranger, and it is said that the name means “faithful companion”. So, although we did not give him the name, we think it suits him perfectly! He is such a sweetheart. ❤️


Hi! I'm Weatherby - sometimes called Mr. Wiggles. I started out life as a Guide Dog puppy, but I decided to change careers and become a therapy dog instead. Snuggling and getting treats are two of my favorite things. I can be a bit of a perfectionist (I don't like making mistakes) but I'm up for learning something new and making people happy. When we meet, feel free to give me some love - I'll give it right back!!


Hello! My name is Zelda and I am so excited to meet you! I am a Golden Retriever and I was born on a farm in eastern Colorado. My favorite things are cuddling, napping, being outside and exploring. I love to go camping, climb rocks and sniffing everything. I LOVE people and get very excited when I get to meet someone new because that means I will soon have a new best friend!


Ansel was born on June 18, 2015. He came to us through Animal Friends Alliance. Ansel loves working at the juvenile detention center! He is a smart, energetic, social and loving boy. When he’s not working he’s known to get into mischief, such as jumping on the counter to see what food he can scavenge and opening the back door to go find people he can hear nearby!


Bodhi is a 7 yr old lab mix who was rescued at 6 months. His big brown eyes and sweet demeanor make him very approachable, and he is as gentle as he looks. Bodhi is a very smart, social, and empathetic boy, wants to please, and loves to learn. He is very adaptable; at calm moments he is a cuddle-bug, when it is time to work, he is focused and ready to go! He loves walks, peanut butter, and being scratched behind his ears. Bodhi loves kids and likes making a positive impact at the elementary school where he works.


My name is Buster and you are so happy to meet me! I am half Cairn Terrier and half Shitzu and the perfect size for fun. I love long walks, baby carrots, and digging holes. Humans are my favorite species, and I can usually tell when they are not feeling good. I provide love, hugs and kisses until they feel better. I started practicing to be a therapy dog at a senior living center. There are lots of excellent laps to sit in. Now I work with children where we play and eat cookies. Yum!


Howdy folks, my name is Cobos (pronounce the Os like an O) and you are gonna LOOOVE me!!! Seriously, what's not to love? I’m a Bernese Mountain Dog that's big and fluffy just like your favorite teddy bear. I have lots of energy but will sit, lay down and roll over for some cheese. You can even rub my belly or scratch my ears. I also like to sit on your feet, go between your legs, lean into you and go on walks. If you are feeling adventurous we can play a game of tug or just snuggle on the couch. I love all people and can't wait to meet you!!!!

Dorothy Rae

Hello. My name is DorothyRae. I’m a 6 year old Yorker-poo. I am a LOVER. You don’t have to love me back but I bet you can’t do that forever. My mom will tell you that I am stubborn. All I have to say is that I always think through my options. What’s the benefit to me to “down”, “stay” or my favorite, “leave it”? You understand, right? I do like to see people get excited about me doing these things. However, sometimes I just don’t want to. I can hardly wait to meet you, add you to my roster of adoring fans and show you that I can sit, down, over, under and most of all LOVE on you.


Hi! My name is Franklin and my parents think I'm a Goldendoodle. My birthday is sometime around October 2020. I was a stray puppy that walked into my family's life when I was about 12 weeks old. My family is so glad I found them! I am a goofy boy full of personality who loves all people. I love to jump! "Over" is my favorite game. I also like to chase my ball and pounce on my toys. I can’t wait to learn new things as a therapy dog!


Hazel is an exuberant Golden Retriever born on 1/27/17 in Hawaii. She loves to meet new people and is very lively when she does, but calms down quickly and appreciates it if the person pets her. Hazel works in schools and with foster children. She likes anything that falls on the floor unless it is a vegetable or other healthy food. She loves to play fetch. Hazel has a birthmark on her tongue which she is proud to show off. She has many friends in the neighborhood and is always on the lookout for new ones.


Kiki is an English Cocker Spaniel born on 11/15/2016. She is a happy, sweet, and goofy girl who loves her family, friends, and all kids. She has been working with students at an elementary school since 2018. She takes classes for nosework, and her favorite game is using her nose to hunt for hidden treats. Her favorite treats are baby carrots and small pieces of bananas.


Lincoln is a 2 1/2 year old Aussie Shepherd mix that came to Colorado from Texas y’all. I adopted him when he was a year old. He is the most lovey-dovey dog I have ever owned! His favorite thing is to snuggle up close with his people. Plus he’s funny because he enjoys laying belly up lots to stay cool with all of that fur. And it’s a great way to get a belly rub from the closest available foot. It’s been fun teaching him tricks, he seems to enjoy performing. Plus I think he could play fetch all day! He’s such a happy dog that he likes to vocalize when he meets a new person (we’re working on how to do that politely) or when he gets bored and wants to play. I know once he gets to visit schools, he’ll figure out how fun it’s going to be!


Hi, I’m Mia a Labradoodle. My family is glad I am now a therapy dog. My prior experience was as lead watch for squirrels and rabbits. My family didn’t always appreciate how energetic I was at that job. My favorite hobbies are playing catch, going on walks, greeting people, and on weekends hiking with my family. For relaxation, I enjoy being brushed to keep my fur soft—as long as there aren’t any tangles. I was born on December 8, 2021, so I am still young. I can’t wait to hang with you!


Murphy is a gentle Husky/Greyhound mix born in August 2020. She loves running very fast and it's even better when other dogs are chasing her! Murphy loves meeting new dogs and people and works at a juvenile detention center. She also loves her two cat siblings even if they don't want to play with her all the time. Her absolute favorite thing in the world is snow! Murphy loves running around in it, eating it, and laying on her back in it.


Poet is a Standard Schnauzer born October 27, 2019. She brings joy and laughter to the Bassinger-Dupuis household. Although the 7th and smallest of her litter, she believes she is a big dog and brings enthusiasm and energy to everything she does. She loves to swim, chase squirrels, run zoomies, learn new tricks and meet people, but she especially loves working with her elementary school students.


Hi, my name is Richter, but you can call me Ricky! I was born 8/11/21 and have been shaking up the world since then. I was originally bred to be a service dog but had some health issues that prevented me from continuing in that line of work. I love playing fetch, swimming, and cuddling with my mom. My favorite foods include blueberries, cottage cheese, and anything else that mom may be eating. I have lots of love to give and can’t wait to share it with you!


Hi, I’m Rudy and I love meeting new people. My owner doesn’t know about my early life as I was adopted from a local shelter via a shelter in New Mexico. I’m a Husky mix, or maybe a wooly Husky, judging from my luxuriant coat. I have lots of energy and love to play with other dogs, but I will be super calm if you brush or pet me. I’m eager for new experiences and catch on to things quickly. I will return as much love as you give me, or maybe more!


Stella is a black lab born in 2017. She is an English lab, so she is smaller than most and her mom thinks she is the perfect size. She lives life to the fullest and is so excited for each and every day. Her favorite activities are going on walks, playing ball, chasing squirrels up the trees, and showing off her training skills. Her BFF is a 16 year old orange tabby cat and they are inseparable. Stella is most happy to help with any chore or errand, and she loves meeting new people and making new friends. She is famous for eating entire cans of Pringles or stealing Oreos left unattended. (Her mom thinks she is mostly brilliant and just a little naughty). She can’t wait to start working in schools and meeting new friends!


Hi, my name is Trooper. I am a 5 year old goldendoodle. I came to live with my family from a farm in Masonville when I was 9 weeks old. I am a big boy, weighing in at 70 pounds, but am gentle, extremely playful, and can never get enough attention. I love to ride in the car with my dad and have never met a stranger . . . two legged or four. My perfect day would be going for a ride(s) in the car, walks around the lake, visiting the dog park, getting lots of treats, and going to bed early. I want to be a therapy dog to bring love and comfort to all. WOOF!!!

Wee Hamish

Hi! I’m Wee Hamish. When I got paralyzed, my original family decided to give me up, but a rescue in Texas saved me and got me a wheelchair so I could get around. Soon after, when I was 10 years old, I got adopted by someone who thinks I am the most special dog in the world. So, I moved to Colorado to live with her and my new doggie sisters and brothers. We love each other very much! I go on all sorts of adventures now with my pack. We have a chariot that Mom hooks up to her bike to take us for rides. We also go for walks in the stroller, or sometimes I get carried in a special backpack. I love walking around my yard in my wheels or soaking up the sunshine while I lie in the grass. I am so excited to spend time with kids who are special like me. I hope to get lots of pets and give lots of face licks! When we are not together, you can follow my adventures with my family on Instagram at @the_wee_ones_


Hi. I’m Zoey. I was born on Christmas Eve 2019. I think I'm pretty special. My Mom always tells me how beautiful I am, especially my long eyelashes. I love everyone, even the little humans that sometimes put their fingers in my nose. What do they think they are going to find? The senior humans adore me. I’m sometimes invited into bed for a snuggle and I’ve also discovered my kisses are many times welcomed. I add the extra benefit of making sure their room is free of all crumbs. I have three human siblings. I love being spoiled and sleep in all of the different beds at my house. My siblings all think that they are my favorite. I know how to work a room. I add so much love to the world. I am special.



Hi, I’m Puppy! I’m a Border Collie Blue Heeler mix. I was born in 2014 and adopted in 2017. I love having ear scratches, chicken, food dispensing toys, walks and learning new commands. I’m a titled herding dog and a universal blood donor. I love visiting the students at my school, but most of all I’m the sweetest puppy around!


Turbo is a Mini Schnauzer born in 2012 and is a very well-loved member of his family. His main goal in life is to please. He is incredibly smart and knows over 30 commands. Turbo loves to run with his owner while mountain biking and cross country skiing. He is at his best when doing therapy work at high schools. Turbo is currently training a new puppy, Tiggy, and showing great patience.

In Memoriam


Joie de Vivre, or Joy as she was called, was born on April 28, 2005. She was that once in a lifetime dog; gentle, sweet and very loving to everyone she met. Being a therapy dog came naturally to her and she began working in October 2006. She worked at a hospital, nursing home, memory care, rehab, hospice care, adult day care, suicide prevention, and with foster children. She shared her love freely with everyone and instinctively knew what they needed. People loved to pet her because her fur was so silky and soft. Joy was a very happy dog and always had a smile on her face. She was actively working until a few days before she died peacefully on June 25, 2018. She will always be in the hearts of her family and friends.


September 9, 2022.     Last night, we said goodbye to our FAVORITE DOG. Oscar was my first dog ever. I had wished for a dog my whole life and I got the sweetest one imaginable. He started as our family dog and then I realized that he needed to be shared with others. He was certified to do Animal Assisted Therapy in 2014 and just retired this summer. He has brought peace and joy to so many - he has worked in 5 elementary schools, 2 high schools, 1 juvenile correction facility, hospice care, dementia care, assisted living care, suicide prevention, suicide grief, adaptive prom, foster kid camp, acupuncture training with CSU Vet students, destress at CSU, and other odd jobs. He's had a FULL life. I loved him 'more than the peanut butter'. Time to rest. Hess Ness Woof.


Lily was a Newfoundland dog born in 2013. She lived up to the reputation of her breed as a true gentle giant. She loved people everywhere she went, and everyone she met loved her! She enjoyed boating, camping, and swimming with her family. She also loved having the chance to work as a therapy dog and meet kids at the schools. She passed away at home in 2023 after complications from a veterinary procedure. Her people miss her very much. ❤️


Of the eight Golden Retrievers I worked with over 45 years in Animal Assisted Therapy, Shilo (who died at age 9 in 2021) was my special canine. Working with people from age three to 93 in schools, nursing homes, cancer centers, hospitals and, especially, Platte Valley Youth Correctional Facility, he helped instill feelings of pride in people who had rarely felt it and a sense of accomplishment in everyone he worked with. After my husband passed away, Shilo never left my side. He was a kind, loving, gentle dog who I, and hundreds of others, miss and will never forget.


Ollie was a sweet and very lovable Golden Retriever born on 8/22/08. He lived over 14 years. He was the noisiest, squirmiest, most vocal puppy in the litter. He loved to chase balls and play keep away. His favorite foods were chips and popcorn, never lettuce. Ollie ran to the door when he saw his therapy dog bag because he knew he was “going to work.” He worked in high schools and with foster children. He really enjoyed bringing love and smiles to everyone he met.


Stella was born in the Spring of 2012. Her mom was traveling 100% for work and needed a road companion so she bought Stella in 2012 from an Ohio Dog Warden for $75. Stella was chosen because she was playful but gentle, young, pretty, personable, potty-trained, would require minimal grooming, and was the only dog in the facility that wasn't barking. Obedience training and long hikes in the woods kept the pair busy for several years and eventually they graduated to advanced canine good citizen status and passed therapy dog exams in Massachusetts, Michigan and Colorado. Stella had a special understanding of children and worked at a juvenile detention center. She peacefully went to sleep on Valentine’s Day, 2022 to end her suffering from a cardiac hemangiosarcoma. ❤


Oolah was a black lab born on April 16, 2008. She worked as a therapy dog at a middle school and youth correctional facility from September 2011 until spring of 2020 when COVID shut down everything. Oolah loved the outdoors and people. She really loved going to the beach and searching for things in the sand. She passed away peacefully on November 22, 2021.


2/28/2011 to 5/5/2021.
Toby became a therapy dog 2016, and volunteered in several schools in Loveland, Fort Collins, & Windsor before starting at Platte Valley Youth Services Center in Greeley where he worked for years with incarcerated youth. Toby was such an amazing animal and easily made the transition from Animal Assisted Therapy to being my mobility service dog; not many dogs can do that.